MS1 console

Should you be releasing on CD, a CD Production Master is the critical last step in Mastering. This is the material from which all the CD’s are made, so it is essential that this be checked and error-free. All Studios 301 CD masters go through a rigorous quality control process, where the master is compiled, tested and then listen to in its entirety.

CD production masters are available in two formats: DDP and PMCD. DDP is the preferred format, as it is a file that can be uploaded, put onto a disk, backed up and have copies made.
PMCD is a high-quality physical audio CD, which cannot be backed up or copied, but may be required by some CD duplication companies doing a run of less than 500 CD’s.

ISRC’s are a unique code that identifies specific recordings and can be encoded onto the master. Studios 301 can supply ISRC’s for independent artists, or encode ISRC’s if supplied at the time of the master order. These are not essential, but recommended.

Fees and Charges
DDP Master (digital upload): $160+GST
DDP Master (on DVD): $200+GST and shipping (if required)
PMCD Master (on CD): $200+GST and shipping (if required)
Creation of ISRC’s: $50+GST