Below is our current pricing table for all Studios 301 mastering services.

To book an unattended session online, login at the top of the page and follow the prompts to upload your project.

For any questions, scheduling of an attended mastering session, or simply to make a booking over the phone or by email, please contact:

Lynley White-Smith
+61 (0)2 9698 5888

*All prices are listed in AU$ and exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (applicable only to Australian clients)


Mastering Rates

Engineers Client Unattended Client Attended
Leon Zervos $190 per song / $300 (Surround) $400 per hour
Steve Smart $160 per song $260 per hour
Ben Feggans $100 per song $150 per hour
Sameer Sengupta $100 per song / $250 (Stems) $200 per hour
Andrew Edgson $100 per song $150 per hour


File Formats

Hi Resolution (24 bit) Mastered Files
Mastered for iTunes approval
No extra charge when provided stand-alone
2+ Formats: Additional $50 per format, per track
CD Resolution (16 bit) Mastered Files
TV, Instrumentals or Edited Mixes
Vinyl Master conversion from above Mastered Files
Premium Analogue Vinyl Master
Songs are re-mastered from the source files specifically for Vinyl
(Not available if Vinyl Conversion is selected)
Additional unattended per track fee



DDPi/PMCD master discs $200
DDPi Master – upload $150
Audio Reference Disk $15 each
Master archive $30
ISRC registration (per release) $50
Editing, Transfers & Compiling $120 per hour


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