The enviable younger sister of the 301 family, Studio One in Byron Bay is the wonderful combination of a large recording room, vintage Neve console and proximity to one of Australia’s most desirable beachside towns.

The main recording space includes a Yamaha C7 grand piano, Hammond organ with leslie cabinet, rhodes piano and is surrounded by 2 isolation booths and a lounge room – which doubles as an alternate recording space with high ceilings and natural light.

The 28/24 Neve console is equipped with 1081 preamp/EQ’s and is the heritage listed mid-70’s console from Festival Studios in Sydney. Alongside the console, a large portion of Festival’s original outboard gear continues to be maintained, in conjunction with a collection of newer studio essentials.

More info:

Studio One Equipment list

301 Byron Bay Microphone list

Instruments & Ampilifiers

  • Fender Rhodes MkII (with Tri Stereo tremolo modification)
  • Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier
  • Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speaker cabinet
  • Yamaha C7 concert grand piano


  • 1970’s Neve 28/24 Console with 28x 1081 pre/eq’s and 6x 2254 compressors

Recording and Playback Systems

  • Apple Mac Pro with Mac OSX 10.8.5 and 2 x quad core intel xeon processors
  • Pro Tools HD6 v10.3.6 with 32 Analogue I/O (Apogee DA/AD-16x convertors) and Sync IO
  • Studer A820 2” 24 track tape machine
  • Ampex ATR-100 1/2″ 2 track stereo tape machine


  • Antares Autotune Evo
  • Autotune 7
  • Bomb Factory BF Classic Compressor
  • Digidesign Access Virus
  • Digidesign BF Moogerfooger Bundle v4
  • Digidesign Bruno/Reso
  • Digidesign DINR
  • Digidesign Focusrite d2/d3
  • Digidesign Reverb One
  • Digidesign Revibe
  • Digidesign Sonic NoNoise
  • Digidesign Sound Replacer
  • Melodyne Plugin 1
  • Melodyne Studio 3
  • Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
  • Sound Toys Pitch Doctor
  • Sound Toys Sound Blender V3
  • TC Electronics TC Master x3 HD
  • Trigger
  • UAD – All plugins
  • Waves Gold bundle TDM 8
  • Waves RenMaxx TDM 8


  • Genelec 1031A nearfield speakers
  • Genelec 1039A main speakers
  • Yamaha NS-10 nearfield speakers


  • AMS DMX 15-80S Delay Unit
  • AKG BX20E1 spring reverb
  • 2x dbx 160x compressors
  • 2x DEX DI’s
  • 2x Drawmer DS201 Dual gates
  • 2x Emperical Labs EL8 Distressors
  • EMT 140 Plate reverb
  • Eventide GTR 4000 Ultra-Harmoniser
  • Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor Limiter
  • GML 8200 Stereo EQ
  • 4x Harbuch DI’s
  • Lexicon 480 Reverb
  • Neve 2254/R compressor
  • Pultec EQP1A EQ
  • Smart DI transmitter & receiver
  • SPL 4 Channel Transient Designer
  • Studios 301 12 channel DI
  • TC M One multi effects
  • Urei 545 EQ
  • 3x Urei 1176 LN compressors
  • 2x Urei LA3A Compressors
  • Waves Maxx BCL Stereo Unit
  • Yamaha Rev 5 Digital Reverb


  • 2x Lynx Timeline Time code modules
  • 1x IRT Video Black Generator