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Simon has worked with loads of indie, pop and electronic artists.



Simon has a natural aptitude for creating sonically lush recordings. He has recently produced songs for Australian tastemaker bands like the The Griswolds, Movement, Eleanor Dunlop and Nantes.

Simon produced the EP for The Griswolds that took them to the world. He did vocal recording for Movement and has worked with Nantes on all of their work to date including their debut album “Beings Being” and their EPs. “Built on a jangly, garage-rock base (a la The Strokes) with a massive dollop of LCD Soundsystem-like down-tempo electronic elements; the finished product comes out like Joy Division would sound if they grew up in the 90s, a tense post-punk vibe infused with a harder, more rock-based spine”, Pages Digital.

Eleanor Dunlop has been receiving a lot of love from Triple J on her single “Disguise” off her debut EP of which Simon was the producer and worked very closely with Eleanor on the vision of her record.

He has engineered for Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Cold Chisel and DZ Deathrays and Matt Corby’s five-times platinum single Brother. He’s done loads of live mixes for Spotify including Benji, Sky Ferreira, Josh Pyke, Aston Shuffle, Kilter, Ballpark Music, Birds of Tokyo, Metric and Rufus.